Beautification Grant Received From City

The CCHOA has received a beautification grant from the City of Dublin that will be used for improvements to our Avery Road and Rings Road entrances. The City matched our $5,000 making $10,000 available for these projects. The neighboring condominium association also received a matching grant so their landscaping on the north side of Cramer's Crossing Drive will also be refreshed and enhanced.

Planned improvements for the Rings Road entrance include the installation of 2 walls, 40 feet X 3 feet, that will match the existing pillars. Additional bushes and flowers will be installed.

At the Avery Road entrance, the landscaping will be redone and new lighting installed.

An agreement with the condominium association regarding the fountain in their pond and the irrigation system that operates on both sides of Cramer's Crossing Drive is in process. The first phase of improvements are planned for this spring, including getting the irrigation system operational. A plan for maintenance of the system will also be implemented. A working irrigation system is necessary to keep the new plantings alive and healthy.

CCHOA Annual Meeting Held, New Board Elected

This Annual Meeting of Members of the Cramer's Crossing Homeowners Association was held at the Washington Township Administration Building, 6200 Eiterman Road on Monday, November 5, 2018.

The CCHOA President discussed the progress the Board and members of the Restoration Committee made in 2018 in working with the adjacent condominium association to address some long-standing issues, including the repair of the electric service at the Cramer's Crossing/Avery Road entrance (which powers the well pump and irrigation system) and the restoration of the long-missing fountain from the condo community's pond. Presentations were also given by 2 members of the Restoration Committee concerning the upcoming improvements. The landscape maintenance contract for 2019 was awarded to Rocky Fork Landscaping, the same company the the City of Dublin currently uses to mow the grass in our reserve areas. In addition to the normal mulching and pruning, Rocky Fork will also treat several of the trees that have fungus issues in hopes of saving them. It was also announced that the Board has contracted with a law firm to provide needed legal advice on a number of issues.

Also discussed was the upcoming Avery/Rings Road construction project slated to begin sometime in 2019. The project will add a round-a-bout at Rings and Avery, widen Avery Road from Woerner Temple to south of Rings Road, and eliminate left turns out of our community at Cramer's Crossing Drive. The Rings Road entrance will become our primary entrance. The Board also hopes to improve the landscaping of that entrance and may include the addition of permanent lighting.

A report from the CCHOA Treasurer was given and a review of expenses for 2018 was presented. There was discussion about the need for the Board to have a reserve fund to help pay for repairs and improvements in our community, especially as it ages, and that would mean the necessity of raising our annual assessment. The Board is also looking at applying for grant money from the City of Dublin to help pay for some of the desired improvements.

Ballots were then counted for the four CCHOA Board of Director positions for 2019. Participation in our election was the best in the Association's history, with nearly 70% of homeowners voting. Thanks to everyone for getting involved! To view the election results, homeowners should LOGIN, then click on Board of Directors in the QUICK LINKS menu.

Reminder Concerning Mailbox Replacement

Should either your mailbox or the post supporting it need replaced, our Deed of Restrictions requires that homeowners use an approved replacement that matches the style and appearance of existing mailboxes. The approved mailbox is the Saxony (Model CMO-2) and the approved post is the Williamsburg (Model CMO-2), available from Cedar Craft Products, 776 Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road, Box 9, Blacklick, Ohio 43004. The company can be contacted by phone at 614-759-1600, or visit their web site at The mailbox and post are also available at Roush Hardware, 373 W. Bridge Street in the Dublin Plaza Shopping Center (phone 614-764-8900). Be sure to confirm with a store associate that you are purchasing the correct models. Images of the approved mailbox and post can be seen by clicking on CCHOA Fact File at the top of this page, then click on item 9, MAILBOXES. Important note: The information contained in the Cramer's Crossing Deed of Restrictions has the WRONG model number listed for the required mailbox in our community. Please update your copy of the document with the correct mailbox model number CMO-2 (CMO-5 is incorrect). The drawing shown in Exhibit B is also showing the incorrect mailbox model, so that image should be disregarded.

Home Improvement Project? Remember to Check the Rules!

When planning your next outdoor home improvement project don't forget to double-check your Deed of Restrictions, the Cramer's Crossing Design Control Standards and City of Dublin zoning rules before you begin.

If adding a deck or patio is on your agenda there are permits and approvals that are necessary from both the City of Dublin and the Cramer's Crossing Homeowners Association. If you are planning a new roof, repainting your house or trim with a different color, or changing your property in any way, you'll find the all the information you need to make sure you are in compliance with our community's Design Control Standards and Deed Restrictions here on your web site.

Be sure to login, click on Document Library in the menu, look for CCHOA FORMS, then click on Design Control Standards Forms. For complete information on City of Dublin regulations click here.

If you are looking for your Deed of Restrictions, you'll find them in the 3-ring binder given to all CCHOA members, or with your original mortgage documents.

It is important to remind all homeowners that the only approved paint colors are those used by Rockford Homes when the subdivision was built.

For house trim, HardiPlank and garage door the color names are:
Alumina, Eloquent Ivory*, Frost Grey+, Meadow Lark+, River Birch*+, Stonington Beige+ and White on White*+. Glidden Paints offers colors marked with * by name at area Home Depot & Walmart locations. Sherwin-Williams offers colors indicated with a + at their locations. Alumina is NOT available from either company. CLICK on the color name to view a sample.

The original paint supplier for Rockford, ICI Delux Paint, was purchased by Sherwin-Williams. Paint can be purchased by using color formulas at Sherwin-Williams stores. The paint formulas are provided as a downloadable PDF in the Documents section of this web site--Look for Approved Exterior Colors. Note that Sherwin-Williams does NOT have a formula for Alumina and Eloquent Ivory, but Glidden has Eloquent Ivory. Samples of all approved trim colors are available from the Design Control Committee, so you can obtain a color match for any of the colors at another paint supplier.

The eight original stucco color names used by Rockford are:
A-1 Tan, Barley, Blue Gray, Florence, New Tan, Soft Tan, Taupe Tan and Yellow. Unfortunately, the original stucco supplier has gone out of business and color formulas are not available. A reputable stucco company or painter should be able to color match the existing stucco color. Should a homeowner desire to change the stucco color, that color must closely match one of the colors used during original construction, and be approved by the CCHOA Design Control Committee. If you are planning any exterior work, please follow the process as stated in the CCHOA Required Procedure and Exterior Change Form document. This document can be found in the Document Library (under CCHOA Forms/Design Control Standards Forms) on this web site.

These requirements are in place to help maintain a consistent look to our community and to protect property values for all Cramer's Crossing homeowners. Should you have any questions, please contact a member of the CCHOA Board of Directors.

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