When It Snows....Don't Park on the Street

The City of Dublin provides curb-to-curb snow removal. Help out the snow warriors by NOT parking your car on the street when the snow comes down.

Having an unobstructed path enables the snow plows to quickly and safely clear our neighborhood streets and there is no risk of damage to your car. Also don't shovel or plow snow into driveway aprons or into the street and make sure that you don't cover any fire hydrants. During a heavy snow event, it is advisable to clear snow away from fire hydrants to keep them visible to emergency responders.

Excess ice and snow should also be cleared at the curb line where your home's downspouts exit to keep water from backing up.

For up-to-the minute information on what streets have been treated, visit the city's snow removal web site, SnowGo.


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