Coyotes in the Neighborhood

Coyotes, both alone and in pairs, are being seen regularly throughout our subdivision. Their howling is often heard late at night. While it can be a bit unnerving to spot a coyote in your yard or encountering one while out for a run or walking the dog, Dublin officials want to dispel the fear that residents are in danger.

Coyotes rarely attack humans, unless directly provoked or threatened. The animals are curious of people, but they are shy and cautious and generally go out of their way to avoid human contact. Across the US and Canada there are an average of 3 coyote attacks in any given year. Your risk of being attacked by a dog is far greater with hundreds of such attacks occurring in Franklin County annually.

Domestic cats and dogs can be in danger from our coyote residents, however. While coyotes are carnivores, pets are not usually considered a food source for the coyote, but rather a threat to the coyote's territory. Don't leave small pets outside unattended or let them run free, off leash. For added protection, carry pepper spray, vinegar in a spray bottle or carry a walking stick when walking in areas where coyotes have been seen.

If you see a coyote, wait for it to leave first. Never leave before the coyote. Throw rocks or other items in the coyote's direction, spray water from a garden hose, wave your arms, yell and try to look as large as you can. This is a safe way to remind coyotes they should stay away from humans. Never coax the animal closer with food or a soft voice.

For more information on coyotes visit these web sites:

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources

Wikipedia Entry on Coyotes

City of Dublin Coyote Page

Hilliard Schools Calendar Change

Hilliard City Schools have revised the date that students will return from winter break to Tuesday, January 3, 2012. Previously the district had set Monday, January 2nd as the return to school date.

The change was made as a result of feedback the district received from parents concerned that school would resume on the date the federal government and most companies are recognizing as the official New Year's Day holiday, causing students to miss family holiday observances and creating child care issues.

As a result of the change, the school year will be extended one day. School will now end on Monday, June 4, 2012.

Reminder: 2012 Assessment

Your 2012 assessment was due Saturday, December 31, 2011. Late payments may incur penalties.

The 2012 assessment covers the costs of maintaining our community's landscaping. The Cramer's Crossing Board of Directors would like to thank all homeowners in advance for their attention to this annual obligation.

New CCHOA Board Members Elected

The Annual Meeting of Members of the Cramer's Crossing Homeowner's Association was held on Monday, November 7, 2011 at the Washington Township Administration Building.  Ballots were counted for the open 2012 CCHOA Board of Directors positions.  The new term for the Board of Directors will begin on January 1, 2012. 

There are numerous open spots on our five committees: By-Laws, Design Control, Financial Review, Nominating and Social. We are also looking for volunteers to serve on an ad hoc landscape committee that will be formulating plans for the green space (the Cramer Oval) between Stockton Way and Sumner Loop. If you would be interested in serving, please contact one of the members of the CCHOA Board.

Homeowners, use the login link in the upper right corner to view the 2012 Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting is November 7th

All Cramer's Crossing homeowners are invited to the CCHOA annual meeting on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 7 pm. The meeting will be held at the Washington Township Administration Building, 6200 Eiterman Road. 

The primary purpose of the meeting will be to elect our new Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer for 2012. The board will also be updating homeowners on matters of finance and accomplishments this past year.

A candidate is needed for the Secretary/Treasurer post, so if you would like to run for this office, nominations will be taken from the floor at the annual meeting. The current CCHOA President will move into the role of Trustee 1 next year.  The current Secretary/Treasurer will progress into the role of Trustee 2.

Homeowners should have already received their ballot via US mail. Ballots can either be mailed or brought with you to the meeting. Ballots must be received no later than Monday, November 7th, 2011.

Chili Cook-off Scheduled for Oct. 8th!

The 5th Annual Cramer's Crossing Chili Cook-off will take place on Saturday, October 8th, beginning at 3:00 pm on the Cramer Oval (the green space between Stockton and Sumner). 

Pranksters Post (Un)Deadly Warning...

Click here for a larger imageHalloween arrived early as some clever pranksters hacked a City of Dublin traffic information sign on Rings Road, changing the message to ZOMBIE OUTBREAK.

The sign just happened to be right next to the Sandy Corners cemetery, which dates from 1845. None of the occupants appear to be missing.

The electronic sign previously warned drivers of a much-less-intriguing repaving project. WCMH-TV 4 featured the sign on their 11 pm Saturday newscast. Click on the image for a larger version.

Neighborhood Picnic Date Announced

The 8th annual Cramer's Crossing Neighborhood Picnic will be held Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 3 pm on the Cramer Oval. Rain date will be Sunday, June 12.

Tents, tables and chairs will be provided. Please bring your own food, drink, paper products and a side dish to share. There have been some problems getting grills this year, so please check with a member of the Social Committee for update...or just bring your own grill to use.

Tent set up will be at 11 am. Please come and help if you can! The CCHOA Social Committee looks forward to seeing you!

2011 Assessment Due

Your 2011 assessment of $130.00 was due Friday, December 31, 2010.

The 2011 assessment covers the costs of maintaining our community's landscaping. The Cramer's Crossing Board of Directors would like to thank all homeowners in advance for their attention to this annual obligation.
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