Green Space Improvements Now Underway

The City of Dublin has begun work on an improvement project for the large green space in the center of Cramer's Crossing, sometimes called the Cramer Oval. The start of the project in early November came as a bit of a surprise, since the CCHOA Board had been told by the City it had been delayed until spring 2014. 

The improvements, which are paid for by the City of Dublin,  include sidewalks, 2 benches and a gazebo with a grill. Additional landscaping, which will include 44 new trees, will be installed in the spring. Thirteen Morton Elms will be planted along the Stockton Way edge of the green space, 26 Serbian Spruces will be placed in clusters along Sumner Loop and 5 Canada Cherry trees will surround the gazebo. To learn more about the trees to be planted, just click on each name. For a look at the complete green space plan click here.

By-laws Revised, New CCHOA Board Elected

The Annual Meeting of the Cramer's Crossing Homeowners Association was held on Monday, November 4, 2013 at the Washington Township Administration Building.

First on the agenda was the community vote on the proposal to revise the current By-laws. Absentee votes were counted and a vote of members in attendance was taken. The vote result was 68 yes, 1 abstention, and 10 homes not voting. Since a yes vote from 75% of all homeowners was necessary for passage (60 homes out of 79), the revised By-laws were approved and went into effect immediately.

The revised By-laws eliminated the previous "progression" system and made all Board positions one-year in length, split the Secretary/Treasurer position into separate positions, made the previously required Social and By-law committees optional, and eliminated the restriction which prohibited 2 members of the same household from serving on the Board.

Since there were no homeowners nominated for the open Board positions prior to the required deadline, there was no ballot this year. Nominations were accepted from the floor and a vote taken of those in attendance. Homeowners, please use the login link in the upper right corner to view your CCHOA Board of Directors for 2014. They will assume their duties on January 1st.

Board Moves to Update By-laws

Homeowner property deeds in Cramer's Crossing require that our community maintain a homeowners association and a Board to manage it. In recent years, we have struggled to find volunteers to fill those Board and Committee positions as required by our existing By-laws (which were adopted in 2007). If we do not fill all the positions, we cannot function and are violating our own By-laws. To deal with this problem, the current CCHOA Board of Directors has revised our By-laws with the goal to reduce the number of required positions and to make service on the Board more attractive.

The most significant changes to the By-laws are:

1) The mandatory "progression" system written into our current By-laws is eliminated and each Board member's term is one year. That is, the Vice President does not automatically become President after one year, and the President and Treasurer are given the option of serving as Trustee after their one year of service is complete.

2) The Secretary/Treasurer position is split into two positions, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Neither position is required to serve as a Trustee after one year.

3) The By-law and Social Committees are now optional. Ideally, we will have sufficient volunteers to serve on both committees. In the event we do not, such committees will be optional to ensure that we are not violating our own By-laws in the absence of volunteers.

4) Eliminates the restriction which prohibits members of the same household serving on the CCHOA Board.

Most importantly, these revisions will not increase your assessment or change any obligations of the homeowners, the CCHOA, or the CCHOA Board.

For these revisions to pass, a yes vote of 75% of all CCHOA members is required. EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN CRAMER'S CROSSING NEEDS TO PARTICIPATE AND VOTE. The vote will take place on Monday, November 4, 2013 at 7 pm at the CCHOA Annual Meeting of Members, held at the Washington Township Administration Building, 6200 Eiterman Road.

We are fortunate to live in a community with a historically strong homeowners association that has enjoyed great social and neighborhood building events over the years. We need to make sure that we can maintain the organization that benefits us all. 

Community Chili Cook-off Scheduled

The Cramer's Crossing Chili Cook-off will be held on Saturday, October 12th at 3:30 pm on the Cramer Oval at Stockton Way and Sumner Loop.

Chili tasting will begin at 3:45 pm. If you'd like to enter a chili (Crock-Pot size) in this year's Cook-off, please bring your dish to the tents by 3:30 pm. Extension cords will be available for your Crock-Pots. Chili fixings (cheese, crackers, etc.), bowls, plates and utensils will be provided. You do not have to bring a chili in order to join in the fun, but please bring an appetizer, side dish or dessert to share, and your own beverages. The best chili will win a prize, along with bragging rights!

If you have any questions contact Michele Soller at 799-8502.

Your New CCHOA Website

In addition to our updated look, we're excited to announce the addition of several new features that many people have been asking for, including an interactive community forum and a community events calendar.

Many of the new features incorporated into the redesign meet the desire of the CCHOA Board of Directors to be more green.  This includes the ability to publish and e-mail our semi-annual newsletter to our members, as well as moving to an online version of the Resident Directory. By moving to electronic formats, the Association saves paper and reduces costs by no longer having to mail hard copies to all homeowners.

The new website is divided into two sections - public and private.  The public section is basically our community's front door and can be viewed by anyone who visits the site.  The content in the public areas includes the Home Page, News/Weather/Traffic, the CCHOA Fact File, Telephone Numbers, Web Links and Contact Us.  These areas will not only appeal to our homeowners but to residents who are leasing in our community, potential new homeowners, or anyone else looking for information about Cramer's Crossing. 

To protect your privacy, we have gone to great lengths to remove references to specific individuals living in our community from the public areas of the website.  This includes removing the names and contact information for Board and Committee members.  This information is now secure and available to homeowners only.

The private section of the website can be accessed by clicking the Homeowner Login link in the upper right corner of the home page.  Homeowners should have already received a letter from the CCHOA Board (via US Mail) with your initial login credentials: a primary user name and temporary password. Your primary user name is issued in the name of the first homeowner of record on the Franklin County Auditor's web site for each address. A second login can be requested. If you have not received your login credentials, or wish to add a second user, please contact  All requests will be verified before access will be granted.

Upon your first log-in, please change your password, however do not change your name, which displays on the site as last name, first name. Your user name for the site (which can't be edited), will be your first name.last name (example: john.smith). Should there be a problem with your assigned user name (wrong name, spelling error, etc.), please contact the webmaster.

The private area of the website will contain the names and contact information for the current and past CCHOA Board and Committee members, the community forum, the Resident Directory, Design Control information and forms, a document repository, newsletter archive, community event calendar and a photo gallery.

The new site also has a search feature, located in the upper right hand corner of the menu bar.  Try typing in, "assessment" (as an example) and then click the magnifying glass.  You will then see filtered results of articles on the website in which the word, "assessment" appears. When you are logged in as a homeowner, the search feature will search both the public and private areas of the website. When you are not logged in, only the public areas are searched.

Your 2013 CCHOA Board

The Annual Meeting of Members was held Monday, November 5, 2012 at the Washington Township Adminstration Building. One of the primary reasons for the annual meeting is to count the ballots received for the open Board positions (the Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.) However, since there were no nominations for those positions (and no ballots to count) the Board used its appointment power to fill the vacant seats, as allowed by our community By-laws. The current Secretary/Treasurer position was also separated into two positions. Homeowners should click on homeowner login  in the upper right, then click on Board of Directors on the Quick Links menu on the right side of your screen to view the names of the 2013 Board of Directors.

The CCHOA Board is still looking for volunteers to fill positions on our committees: By-laws, Social, Design Control, Nominating and Financial Review. If you are interested, please contact a member of the Board.
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